Trump busted as a ‘complete idiot’ for threats against his own Fed chairman: ‘You would fail junior high economics’
US President Donald Trump says Mexico has crack down on migrants if it hopes to avoid Washington placing a five percent tax on all Mexican imports. (POOL/AFP / Ludovic MARIN)

President Donald Trump slammed his own Federal Reserve as an economic slowdown appears on the horizon.

The Federal Reserve could buy Trump some time by cutting interest rates ahead of the 2020 election, which could temporarily extend the historic 10-year economic expansion, and the president smacked Jerome Powell, the Fed chairman he chose in November 2017.

"Despite a Federal Reserve that doesn’t know what it is doing - raised rates far to fast (very low inflation, other parts of world slowing, lowering & easing) & did large scale tightening, $50 Billion/month, we are on course to have one of the best Months of June in U.S. history," Trump tweeted.

"Think of what it could have been if the Fed had gotten it right," he added. "Thousands of points higher on the Dow, and GDP in the 4’s or even 5’s. Now they stick, like a stubborn child, when we need rates cuts, & easing, to make up for what other countries are doing against us. Blew it!"

[caption id="attachment_1515643" align="alignnone" width="584"] Screen shots of Trump's now-deleted tweets[/caption]

His claims -- which he deleted and reposted without misspellings -- were quickly fact-checked and ridiculed by other Twitter users.