Trump could face First Degree Rape charges in New York after E Jean Carroll accusation: Legal analyst Maya Wiley
Author E. Jean Carroll on the NBC Nightly News (screengrab)

President Donald Trump could face First Degree Rape charges in New York state following the shocking accusation of rape by author E. Jean Carroll.

Trump has denied the allegations -- with an obvious lie -- and said Carroll to "pay dearly" for making the accusation.

But the accusation and denial may not be where this #MeToo scandal ends, as Trump could face state charges, MSNBC legal analyst Maya Wiley explained to Chris Hayes on Friday.

Wiley noted, "New York state no longer has a statute of limitations on first-degree rape."

"That doesn’t mean that in this case, she is necessarily saying she would bring a rape charge, but this would be a first — from what I understand of the facts, this was potentially a First Degree Rape case, which doesn’t have a statute of limitations and she has the coat," Wiley explained. "So the other question I had, is did she get it dry cleaned or not?"

"There’s also the fact that in the case of Summer Zervos who you mentioned, she has a lawsuit that will go forward as of now. It’s set to go forward in which a court of law she is suing him for defamation because he called her a liar so what with it be litigated are the underlying facts," Hayes noted.

"And the president can be deposed. All of this conversation that we have had in the Robert Mueller special counsel investigation does not apply to state law, it does not apply to civil actions," Wiley replied. "The other question is whether we might see a civil action here."