Trump gloated about John McCain's cancer and cruelly mocked Meghan for crying: Michael Wolff
Meghan McCain cries while discussing anti-Semitism on The View. (ABC/Screenshot)

In the latest tell-all book about the Trump presidency, "Siege: Trump Under Fire," journalist Michael Wolff claims that Donald Trump leveled mean insults at everyone in his vicinity -- including supporters.

The Daily Mail reports that the book includes incidents in which Trump meanly mocked prominent figures, including Meghan McCain of The View.

"When she hears my name she always looks like she's going to cry. Like her father," Trump allegedly said. He also made fun of her weight, nicknaming her "donut."

"Very, very tough family. Boo hoo, boo hoo," Trump added.

Wolff claims that when John McCain made his tumor diagnosis public in July 2017 Trump said, "You see? You see what can happen?" He would then "mime an exploding head," Wolff claims.

As McCain got sicker, Trump complained that he was not a "good enough sport" to quit his Senate seat and let one of Trump's allies take it over. He also saw John McCain's deadly brain tumor as a twisted kind of "personal validation."

Both John and Meghan McCain have been major critics of the president. But Trump also reportedly derided his close associates.

Trump allegedly observed that Rudy Giuliani has 'crazy, crazy eyes' and 'looks like a mental patient," Wolff claims in his book.