UK hoping to ‘contain the damage’ from Trump’s inevitable ‘embarrassment’: CNN international correspondent
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and US President Donald Trump inspect the honour guard during his visit to Windsor Castle in July 2018 POOL/AFP/File / Matt Dunham

CNN international correspondent Clarissa Ward said on Monday that the United Kingdom is bracing for President Donald Trump to embarrass them during his trip overseas -- and their only goal for the next couple of days is to limit the scope of humiliation.

Before even landing in the U.K. on Monday, Trump had already called Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle "nasty" and had sent out an angry tweet attacking London Mayor Sadiq Khan as a "stone cold loser."

Reacting to this, Ward said that most British officials had come to expect nothing less from the president and she said that they are hoping they can keep Trump's embarrassing outbursts to a minimum.

"Obviously they don't want to see the president meddling in British political affairs, but they've come to accept seemingly that's the reality of dealing with President Trump," she said. "So the main goal now appears to be simply to contain the damage, to get through this state visit with the minimum of embarrassment."

Ward said U.K. officials hoped that giving Trump "set piece" activities such as a visit to Buckingham Palace would keep him happy and make him less likely to send out offensive tweets.

Watch the video below.