'Unhinged' Meghan McCain hurls obscenities at The View's executive producer in front of audience: report
Meghan McCain (ABC)

Meghan McCain's job is safe on "The View" -- although producers and her co-hosts are growing increasingly tired of her antics.

Sources told the Daily Mail that McCain blew up at the show's producers in front of the studio audience after moderator Whoopi Goldberg had to restart a segment Tuesday after she confused a law professor with a Justice Department official.

McCain confused Warren Binford, a Willamette College law professor who described horrific conditions at child detention facilities, with Sarah Fabian, a Justice Department lawyer she described as a "holdover from the Obama administration."

Goldberg ended the segment and intended to restart it after a commercial break, but sources said McCain lost her cool and shouted profanities at the production crew.

"Meghan became unhinged!" said a source with the show. "She screamed, 'This is some bullsh*t! What are you producers good for?'"

The source said some of the producers ran over to calm her down -- "as usual" -- but that didn't work.

"Before they could, she turned to the show's executive producer Brian Teta and said, 'You motherf*cker, how could you let this happen to me?'" the source said. "All of this happened in front of the live studio audience."

Co-host Sunny Hostin had to issue a legal note later in the show, clarifying the difference between Binford and Fabian: "Two different women, two different topics."

McCain interrupted to admit the mistake was hers: "I screwed up. Thank you for fixing it, Sunny."

Sources from the show said ABC's human resources met with McCain after the live broadcast to discuss her language toward Teta, but sources from the show said they don't expect any action to be taken against her because she has a powerful ally.

"Top ABC News executive James Goldston is Meghan's biggest fan," the source said. "Despite what she's done to morale behind the scenes at the show and despite the viewer feedback on her being dreadful, he's enamored with her family legacy."

"At this point," the source added, "Meghan is starring in the talk show version of 'How To Get Away With Murder.'"

An ABC News spokesperson told the Daily Mail that McCain's outburst toward Teta was "playful and nothing more."