Far-right rally falling apart as GOP candidate accuses ex-girlfriend of coked-up sexcapades with the Proud Boys: report
Image via Omar Navarro for Congress

For days, far-right activists and counterprotestors alike have been gearing up for the "Demand Free Speech Rally," a gathering of right-wingers in Washington, D.C. scheduled to take place on Saturday to protest the deplatforming of various online provocateurs like Jacob Wohl and Laura Loomer.

But now, according to The Daily Beast, the plans for the rally have been thrown into chaos due to an alleged love triangle between a gadfly GOP congressional candidate and a far-right men's group helping to organize the rally.

On Wednesday, Omar Navarro tweeted that his now ex-girlfriend, self-proclaimed "MAGA relationship expert" DeAnna Lorraine, had been doing cocaine and "sleeping with the Proud Boys." Lorraine denies the drug use allegation.

"I cannot agree with the drug lifestyle they follow," said Navarro, who denounced the Proud Boys and is now refusing to speak at the event. This comes after Pizzagate conspiracy theorists Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec, who were also billed as speaking at the rally, said they will not be attending.

Navarro, who is currently married to another woman he plans to divorce, is best known for his multiple failed congressional campaigns against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA). In 2017, he was sentenced to probation for illegally installing a tracking device on his wife's car.

The Proud Boys, a self-styled "Western chauvinist" group who live by a bizarre series of codes including when they are allowed to masturbate, are not officially in charge of the rally, but several of its top members have played central roles in organizing the event.