Former prosecutor calls Trump 'dangerous' for trying to be more powerful than the Supreme Court
Former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance/MSNBC screen shot

Former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance called President Donald Trump's behavior "dangerous" on the case surrounding the question on the census.

In a panel discussion on MSNBC, Vance pointed out that Trump is a president that generally doesn't like to follow the rule of law.

"We see that across a variety of different issues," Vance said. "But here we’re really squarely presenting this issue of a lawless president who believes his opinions and his views should carry more weight than Supreme Court decisions. And that’s dangerous territory. This appeal to voters saying, 'If we don’t like the Supreme Court’s decision, then they must be bad judges,' is the sort of pernicious argument that does enormous damage to democracy over time."

Matt Zapotosky, Washington Post national security reporter, explained that it's clear that neither Trump nor Attorney General Bill Barr has any idea what the strategy is, despite saying there is one. They've changed their story on it ten times in just four months.

Last week, the Justice Department conceded that there was no real way to get the questionnaire on the census, yet somehow they all decided it's going to happen anyway.

"The census is being printed as we speak without the question and the Justice Department had previously represented to the court if they couldn’t get it on by a date certain by July 1st, I think it was, then they were done," Zapotosky said. "And now, apparently, they’re not. But no one is really willing to say what they’re going to do."

As with many issues, the Trump White House seems thrown into turmoil over another problem of their own making.

Watch the full panel discussion below: