Internet shreds 'obnoxious' Liz Cheney after disastrous CBS interview cut short: 'I'm a Republican and I'm embarrassed'
Liz Cheney -- CBS screenshot

Twitter commenters were appalled by the conduct of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) during her interview with Margaret Brennan on CBS, calling out the high-ranking GOP lawmaker for being downright "obnoxious" when asked to answer simple questions about President Donald Trump.

The interview, during which the combative Cheney chastised her host for not asking the questions she wanted to answer, was cut short by Brennan which led viewers to comment on how badly Cheney came across.

As one Twitter user wrote, "I’m a Republican and I am embarrassed that Rep. Liz Cheney  —the daughter of a damn war criminal— has a leadership position in my party."

You can read some responses below: