‘Keep your mouth shut!’ Judge roars at sex abuse victim’s mother for complaining about repeated trial delays
Judge's gavel (AFP Photo/Gil Cohen Magen)

A New Jersey judge scolded a victim's mother after she interrupted a court hearing for a teacher who allegedly sexually assaulted her teenage son.

John Angeline, a former English teacher at South Plainfield High School, was charged in 2015 with sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child, along with criminal sexual conduct, after the teenage victim reported the abuse to family members, who alerted police, reported TAP Into Piscataway.

The 44-year-old Angeline, whose teaching certificates were suspended in 2017, was expected to plead guilty as part of an agreement with prosecutors that would not require him to serve any prison time or register as a sex offender under Megan's Law.

Middlesex County Assistant Prosecutor Thomas Carver told the court June 28 that his office wanted to require Angeline to register as a sex offender and undergo long-term supervision, but that deal had not yet been completed.

Superior Court Judge Joseph Rea told the prosecutor that, without a deal in place, he had to schedule the case for a trial, and defense attorney Joseph Mazraani complained to the judge about laughter in the courtroom as they discussed possible trial dates for October.

The victim and his mother stood up at the judge's request, and the woman complained about how long it had taken to prosecute Angeline, who was told he did not have to attend the hearing.

"We've been living with this for four years," the mother said. "It's been constant delays. All I'm asking for is fairness for this, please."

Rea shocked onlookers with an outburst directed at the mother and her son, who is now an adult.

"Keep your mouth shut and sit down," Rea told the pair.

The prosecutor explained that the mother and victim were frustrated by the delays, and Rea admitted he was frustrated, as well, but witnesses said the outburst was unwarranted.

“This was crazy, I have never seen this before," said onlooker Fred Marigliano. "The judge seemed to go out of his way to be nasty and rude to survivors of sexual assault."

A trial date was set for Oct. 22.