One shooter is dead -- and police are investigating whether a second is involved in Gilroy shooting
Gilroy Police Chief Scot Smithee (Photo: Screen capture)

During a press conference late Sunday night, Gilroy, California Police Chief Scot Smithee revealed that the shooters were able to access the Garlic Festival by crossing a nearby creek on the outskirts of the grounds. They then cut the fence and entered the event.

The festival had police posted for security reasons. They "engaged the shooter" in less than a minute, taking him down, Smithee said.

Witness statements describe seeing a second person, Smithee reported during the press briefing. However, the police have not confirmed whether that is true. They are still combing the area searching for another suspect.

Smithee also confirmed four people are dead thus far and at least 15 have been injured.

He also told the press that he didn't feel comfortable assuming targets, but that it appeared he was simply spraying the crowd at random. That has also been confirmed by several witnesses.

You can watch some of the footage of the briefing below: