'He was ready to do some damage': Witness says Gilroy shooter 'walked up almost like in police uniform'
Gilroy shooting survivor (Photo: Screen capture)

Witnesses of the Gilroy, California shooting reported seeing the shooter wearing some kind of Army fatigues. One witness described it as "almost like a police uniform -- almost like." Another witness described it as a "flack jacket" and a brown hat.

"I didn't really hear anything," said Ryan Wallace. "He walked up almost like in police uniform -- almost like. He rose his gun up, and, just, started spraying out rounds."

"Did he shoot one?" asked the NBC Bay Area reporter.

"Yeah, yeah, I watched him do it, and he hit -- I was working one of the pieces of equipment here -- the play equipment -- and he went right up and started spreading and walking across the field."

Wallace said that the shooter was walking around like a police offer trying to "get stuff done."

"It was horrifying," he closed.

Watch the full interview below: