Panicky Kellyanne Conway was forced to explain to Trump why his Twitter attack on Dem lawmakers was racist: report
Kellyanne Conway on Fox News. (Screenshot)

According to a behind-the-scenes report in the Washington Post, senior adviser Kellyanne Conway had to frantically explain to Donald Trump that his tweets attacking four Democratic lawmakers -- all of whom are women of color -- were racist and that he needed to walk them back.

The report states that Trump made the tweets early last Sunday and then was greeted by Conway with bad news after he returned from playing golf.

"President Trump’s own top aides didn’t think he fully understood what he had done last Sunday when he fired off a trio of racist tweets before a trip to his golf course," the Post reports. "After he returned to the White House, senior adviser Kellyanne Conway felt compelled to tell him why the missives were leading newscasts around the country, upsetting allies and enraging opponents."

The report goes on to add that Trump defended himself by stating he was riffing off a story he had seen on Fox & Friends and wasn't sure why it was a problem.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC ) who played golf with the president that fateful Sunday, defended the president while admitting that the president came to the realization that it had caused a problem for his administration and Republicans.

“He realized that part of it was not playing well,” Graham said in an interview. “Well, he always doubles down. Then he adjusts.”

The Post reports, "The damage control did not save elected Republicans from their chronic struggle to navigate Trump’s excesses. Democrats were demanding a reckoning, a vote on the floor of the House condemning his racist remarks that would showcase their own unity and moral vision. The White House would mobilize an intense whip operation, putting Trump repeatedly on the phone, to keep his members in line. "

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