‘The president is lying’: Trump gets immediately debunked by CNN after claiming he stopped ‘send her back’ chant
President Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he stopped the North Carolina rally crowd from chanting "send her back" during a rant about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). But CNN immediately called him out for the false claim.

"I didn’t like that they did it and I started speaking very quickly," Trump told the press. "Excuse me. Really? If you would have heard, there was a tremendous amount of noise and action and everything else. I started very quickly. And I think you know that. Maybe you’re giving me too much credit. You’re used to giving me too much credit. Thank you, everybody. I will try. I will certainly try, yes."

In fact, the video shows that Trump paused, not speaking for 12 seconds.

"All right. The president there is lying about how he responded to this 'Send her back' chant in North Carolina last night," said CNN host Brianna Keilar. "He said that he spoke quickly after it began. Actually he waited several seconds. We have the tape. Let’s watch."

You can watch Keilar's comments, and the Trump video, below: