Trump adviser Stephen Miller avoiding press and outsiders as president ramps up racist rhetoric: report
Stephen Miller (Photo: Screen capture)

According to a report from the Daily Beast, senior advisor for policy to Donald Trump, Stephen Miller is becoming more reclusive at the White House at the same time that the president is ramping up his hateful rhetoric against immigrants -- a topic on which the controversial Miller has the president's ear.

With the Beast noting, "Over the years, the 33-year-old senior policy adviser to the president has become virtually synonymous with the draconian immigration measures of the administration. He was a driving force behind the president’s brutal family-separation policy, one of the architects of Trump’s 'Muslim travel ban,' constantly agitates against legal immigration levels and refugees, and serves as the top White House speechwriter," the report states that Miller is rarely seen or heard from lately.

According to a source within the White House, Miller is careful who he talks to or what he says on the phone out of fear he is being recorded and his comments will be leaked.

"Two other knowledgeable sources say that over the past two years, he’s cut off regular contact with most of his allies outside of the Trump administration and in advocacy groups because he wants to keep his circle of potential leakers as small as he can," the report continues adding that he now shuns going on TV to explain the president's immigration policies.

Sources also stated that Miller's caution is not based upon worries about his own reputation, adding that he couldn't care less about such matters including being called a "Nazi" despite the fact that he is Jewish.

“Sometimes he laughs it off, usually he just doesn’t give a shit,” explained a senior Trump official.

According to Cliff Sims, Trump’s former director of White House message strategy, " “The handful of times he’s been public-facing have been as over-the-top as possible in his defense of Trump and advocacy for his policies. But ultimately he prefers to just keep his head down and work behind the scenes. That’s when he’s most effective.”

Miller's strategy of keeping a low profile and not upstaging his boss seems to be working the Beast reports, with the adviser outlasting multiple Trump appointees by whispering the president's ear and working to oust them, including Kirstjen Nielsen, "the former homeland security secretary, who for a year and a half was engaged in a bitter cold war of paranoia and backstabbing with Miller," the reports states.

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