Trump biographer probes Epstein's unexplainable wealth: It looks like 'money laundering, bribes and blackmail'
Jeffrey Epstein (NBC News)

During a panel discussion on MSNBC's "AM Joy," Donald Trump biographer Tim O'Brien attempted to explain where exactly accused child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein came by his wealth since he has left little financial trails for investigators.

Speaking with host Joy Reid, O'Brien smirked and made air quotes when describing Epstein "providing financial services " to his clients.

"Of course it's suspicious," O'Brien suggested. "And I suspect at the end of the day the way Jeffrey Epstein stayed in business year after year was providing a variety of financial services to clients."

"Now some of that could have been to mask park trades, some of it possibly could have been classic money laundering, some of it could have been involved with perhaps bribes related to the other things he was doing," he explained. "And I think, you know, some of this is so speculative still, but there is a possibility that he blackmailed other men who visited his homes and had sexual relationships with either girls or women by consent, but he had cameras in all of his houses."

"There's a real possibility as the story unwinds that one of the reasons he was protected over the years was because he had blackmail on them and were there payments associated with that," he added. "The federal filing that came in yesterday said he was making about $10 million a year and he had assets worth about $500 million."

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