Trump is lashing out at people because he was 'irritated' by Mueller's post-administration indictment comments: CNN
President Donald Trump. (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

Special counsel Robert Mueller's comments Wednesday hit a nerve with President Donald Trump, according to CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins.

While the president managed to stay on message of "no collusion, no obstruction," in reality, he is "irritated" that Mueller didn't confirm his reality.

When testifying, Mueller was asked multiple times if the president's favorite phrase was an accurate one. Mueller explained that there was coordination between the Russians and Trump campaign, whether it reached the degree of conspiracy or not. He also explained that Russia did meddle heavily in the 2016 election, are continuing to do so today and they're doing it for Trump. It flies in the face of the president's claim that the Russians really wanted Clinton to win and the conspiracy theory that somehow the Christopher Steele dossier involves Russian collusion.

When it came to obstruction, Mueller said that it's clear that there were examples of obstruction but they began the investigation knowing they couldn't indict the president from the policy outlined by the Office of Legal Counsel. Mueller was asked several times Wednesday whether Trump could still be indicted, and he said yes, after leaving office a prosecutor could indict the president.

It prompted Trump to lash out at reporters as he left for a high-dollar fundraiser Wednesday evening. He shouted "fake news" and pointed at reporters saying that they were "one of the worst" reporters for asking about the possible indictments.

"That sources say is irritating the president," Collins said speaking to CNN's Jake Tapper Thursday.

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