White House aides frustrated Ivanka stole the spotlight from Trump during overseas trip: report
Ivanka Trump surrounded by world leaders (MSNBC)

White House aides who were hoping to capitalize on what they consider one of President Donald Trump's more successful forays overseas are furious that his daughter, Ivanka Trump, ended grabbing so many of the headlines by popping up in photos with world leaders.

According to a report at Daily Beast, White House staffers are pushing back at reports that Ivanka, and her husband Jared Kushner, sat in on meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, stating, "Although they met Kim, Jared and Ivanka did not participate in the closed-door meeting.”

Above and beyond that, there was an admission that Ivanka is often included on trips in a ceremonial capacity, but that "they do not consider the president’s daughter a significant player on major foreign policy initiatives, including on the Koreas, though they all acknowledged that President Trump will at least solicit her advice for gut checks on any manner of foreign policy and national security decision: striking other countries, climate agreements, and so on."

The report goes on to note that officials are frustrated that Trump's meeting at the DMZ with Kim did not get the glowing reviews they felt it deserved with so much focus placed upon viral video of the awkward encounter the first daughter had with diplomats and other dignitaries at the G-20 where she received an icy glare from IMF head Christine Lagarde.

One other official tried to stem the anger at Ivanka, saying she is front and center at these events because the president wants her to be.

“She matters because the president says she matters. Who in their right mind would cross her knowing that?” the official who remained anonymous told the Beast.

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