'Your new prime minister is a liar': UK's Boris Johnson greeted by massive protest projected onto Buckingham Palace

Protesters unhappy by the selection of conservative Boris Johnson as Britain's new Prime Minister expressed their displeasure early Wednesday morning by projecting video on the front of Buckingham Palace calling him a "liar."

In video posted to Twitter, the palace can been seen in darkness before a picture of Johnson is displayed on the structure with the caption, "Your new prime minister is a liar."

Business Insider reports that the video protest is the work of anti-Brexit group Led By Donkeys.

The report states that "Johnson has been accused of lying on multiple occasions throughout his career as a journalist and a politician. He was sacked as a junior reporter after fabricating a quotation in one of his stories," before adding, "In 2004, he was sacked a shadow arts minister under Michael Howard after lying about an affair with Petronella Wyatt, a columnist at the Spectator magazine, of which Johnson was the editor. "

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