President Donald Trump's son, Don Jr. has been stumping for Republican candidates since his father took office in 2017. But the younger Trump seems to taking a page out of his father's defective playbook when it comes to pretending to be just like people he's talking to.

When campaigning in Montana, the elder Trump said that his son was practically one of them because he comes to Montana so frequently to hunt.

Trump Jr. made the same case in Kentucky Thursday at a very small fundraising rally for flailing Gov. Matt Bevin (R-KY). According to Public Radio statehouse reporter Ryland Barton, Trump Jr. bragged about his father, said that the GOP was diverse and then claimed he wasn't a racist because he's "dating a Puerta Rican."

But it was Trump Jr.'s take on why he understands the plight of the Rust Belt where he may have gone too far.

"Trump Jr says he partly grew up in the Rust Belt because he went to a boarding school in Pottstown, PA, understands working class issues," tweeted Barton.

"This not your grandfather's Democrat Party, this is socialism," claimed Trump Jr.

You can read Barton's full thread on the event here.