George Conway fears Trump is 'psychologically decompensating before our very eyes'
George Conway stands in the background as his wife Kellyanne Conway speaks to reporters at an event for President Donald Trump's 2017 inauguration AFP/File / Drew Angerer

President Donald Trump spent Friday morning melting down on Twitter as he watches bad economic news pour in, and conservative attorney George Conway worries he's suffering a mental breakdown.

Economists have been sounding alarms about a possible recession ahead of the 2020 election, and Trump has been alternately insisting things are fine while also trying to lay blame for a downturn at the feet of his political enemies.

Trump snapped at his own Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell, who has resisted pressure by the president to lower interest rates, and attacked Chinese leader Xi Jinping over a new round of tariffs in an escalating trade war.

The president then tweeted out an impotent series of demands on U.S. companies to cease business with China and ordered carriers to search for and refuse shipments of fentanyl from the country.

The spectacle alarmed Conway, whose wife Kellyanne Conway serves as a White House senior adviser.

Earlier this week, Conway urged Vice President Mike Pence and other Cabinet officials to acknowledge the president is mentally unstable and unfit to serve, which carried the unspoken suggestion to remove Trump under 25th Amendment procedures.