'I can't analyze that': Ex-ambassador confesses he's unable to make sense of Trump's Denmark and Russia rants
Michael McFaul (MSNBC)

Former American Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, confessed Thursday that not even he could figure out what happened to make the president want to get into a verbal war with Denmark.

"What is the president talking about?" asked MSNBC host Craig Melvin.

"I can't analyze that. I honestly do not — there is no logic to what he says," McFaul said in a panel discussion. "As you said at the top, he insults or allies, right when he's about to meet with them and embraces Putin. And I want to be clear, if there were some outcome to this strategy that led to better outcomes for the American people, right -- enhanced our security, enhanced our prosperity, I could applaud it. But there is no connection to these kinds of inane statements that he makes and advancing our national security interests."

In fact, McFaul said that he believes Trump is doing the opposite and hurting American interest abroad.

"Remember, Denmark is a NATO ally. They went to war with us when we were attacked on September 11th," McFaul continued. "They weren't attacked. They went to Afghanistan with us. They lost more soldiers per capita; they lost more soldiers than any NATO nation. And they went to war again with us to fight ISIS in Syria. Why are we insulting them by this ridiculous offer?"

The president is headed to a G-7 summit over the weekend, though it's unclear what he hopes to achieve other than the rights to buy Greenland. Though, the topics at this weekend's summit are supposed to be more economically focused.

"President Trump keeps throwing wrenches into that, both with his own domestic economic policies and then, both last year and this year, with the question of whether Russia should be part of the G-7," said Washington Post correspondent Anne Gearan. "And the reason that the G-7 countries decided not to continue to include Russia, to kick them out, is because of the Crimea invasion, which is actually something that President Trump had acknowledged last year when he first said he thought that Russia should be back. His argument then and to a degree, his argument now, is that it is better for the rest of the world to have Russia at the table than not at the table. But he is wrapping that in a different set of arguments about Obama now."

McFaul noted that Russia is still in Crimea, so it wasn't a short skirmish between Putin and Ukraine; it's still an ongoing problem. He explained that every other G-7 leader told Russia that they must leave Crimea before they are allowed to come back to the table with the G-8.

"And the other thing, by the way, nobody seems to notice this, I don't see any desire from Vladimir Putin to join the G8," he said. "Instead, they are laughing at the president on Russian TV today."

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