Man screams profanities at 9-year-old girl holding a ‘Do Something’ sign at Iowa gun violence vigil
9-year-old girl in Carroll, Iowa yelled at by passerby (Photo: Twitter)

In response to the week of mass shootings, people have taken to the streets, begging leaders to "do something" to keep Americans safe from the terror they face of these shooters.

One person asking for action is a 9-year-old girl, who joined a group demanding action. Holding a sign reading: "DO SOMETHING," the girl held vigil in Carroll, Iowa. She was met by a man in a truck, who shouted "f*ck you!" at her.

She's hardly the first to demand that something be done to protect Americans. Singer/songwriter Kacey Musgraves led her audience crowd in a chant of "somebody f*cking do something."

She said that she can't believe the country is being forced to process the death and carnage that happened over the course of just one week in the United States.

Pro-soccer player Alejandro Bedoya did the same. After scoring a goal he ran to a microphone sitting on the field and said, "Hey Congress, do something. End gun violence now!"

When Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine addressed a vigil in Dayton, he too was met with a crowd shouting over him. "Do something!" they demanded.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and members of the Congress are willing to cut their August recess short to come back to pass stricter background checks and an assault weapons ban. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), however, is unwilling to do that.

Meanwhile, the NRA, who has been successful in blocking any meaningful gun reform, is in turmoil after CEO Wayne LaPierre was outed for spending donors' money on his own personal fancy wardrobe for over 15 years. The NRA is currently being sued for refusing to pay for $1.6 million in marketing and advertising for the company that runs NRA TV. After raising questions about LaPierre's misuse of funds, three board members were shoved out and ultimately resigned.