Scaramucci busts White House staffers who 'hate Trump's guts' yet still work for a 'full-blown lunatic'
Anthony Scaramucci (Photo: screen grab)

On MSNBC's "AM Joy" on Saturday, former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci acknowledged his own faults in supporting President Donald Trump for as long as he did — but urged that his experience has shown him that many more could be pulled out of the fold, if given an accepting opening to do so.

"I accept all criticism," said Scaramucci. "Joy, if you want to fault me and your viewers want to fault me for getting there late, I’m okay with that. I can accept that because I’m a flawed human being. Here is what I would say to everybody. This is an international crisis, you have to create an off-ramp that did what I did, spinning a Rubik’s cube and saying, this part is good, that part is good, that part is bad. And then through the process of cognitive dissonance, we started to lessen the parts that were bad."

"Maybe you don’t agree with me. But I think the last two weeks have been worse than at any other time," continued Scaramucci. "Let’s say you don’t agree with me and you say he’s been exactly the same he’s been since 2015. Some of us, it took us time — I’m a loyal person, a registered Republican. I’m just suggesting to people create the off-ramp for people that got this very wrong. We made a hiring decision. We’re in the board room. The CEO is acting nuts. We have to replace the CEO."

Scaramucci clarified that the parts of Trump's presidency he had supported were the efforts to roll back business regulations — but that he had always been uncomfortable with the president's racism, had condemned the president for Charlottesville and child separation, and he reiterated that his "final straw" had been his racist attacks on four Democratic congresswomen of color.

"You know people inside the White House," said Reid. "Why are they not doing what you’re doing? Do you believe that there are people in the White House now, in the administration, who know what you know about him — that as you just said, he’s having a breakdown. It sure looked like one, calling himself the second coming of God. But why aren’t they leaving? Why aren’t they changing their minds?"

"You know from your sources inside NBC News, that of course there are people inside the White House that absolutely hate his guts, and now they’re trying to figure out what they can do," said Scaramucci. "One of the problems is the rampant bullying. Look what he did to me and my wife on his Twitter feed this week. I don’t even take that personally, that’s being done to silence the people inside the White House that hate his guts and silence the people up on Capitol Hill."

"He’s also got this paper tiger mirage status inside the Republican Party," added Scaramucci. "He's tweeting out he’s 94 percent approval rating, but it's not, it's closer to about 78. That’s still high, but if you ask the secondary question, would you choose him over another credible Republican, you know, somebody like a Jon Huntsman, Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, I could list very experienced people that could become the next American president, and of course people say 'Yes, because he’s nuts.'"

"I do believe by speaking out and calling the emperor for what it is, very naked, I do think it’s going to create a runway and a human shield for other people," said Scaramucci. "I don't mind taking the blows. I don’t mind taking the blows from the left on MSNBC. I don’t mind taking the blows from Ronna Romney McDaniel, who now all of a sudden is — it’s a personality cult party as opposed to the Republican Party. I got no problem with it. We have to bring those people out and I predict we will."

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