‘This is not a joke’: Trump-loving professor fumes after his QAnon rant results in bursts of laughter
Q-Anon supporters outside of a Trump rally (Photo By Brandon Stivers/Shutterstock)

An Arizona community college professor melted down after students laughed at his presentation of a right-wing conspiracy theory.

Adjunct professor Douglas Belmore, who teaches English at Mesa Community College, showed 14-minute YouTube video in at least two of his classes promoting an online conspiracy theory about satanic pedophiles that have allegedly infiltrated the government, media and entertainment industry, reported the Phoenix New Times.

Four students told the newspaper that Belmore showed the videos in class, but the professor seemingly denied their claims when asked to comment.

"I think I only have one response to give you," Belmore told a reporter. "It’s a question and it’s three words: Who is Q?"

Belmore threatened to call campus security on the reporter.

One student told the newspaper that Belmore brought up the conspiracy theory -- which involves all the recent presidents and their families, as well the late John McCain and Democratic donor George Soros -- while discussing the class syllabus.

"He just kept talking about how there are a bunch of criminals and they're going to get caught now that Trump is the president," the student said. "Belmore believes that Q is actually JFK Jr. and he just faked his death."

The theory originated on the 4chan message board, where someone who claims to be a government employee posts cryptic clues for followers to decipher.

"He was just babbling, basically," said one first-year student who said Belmore showed the video in class. "He just brought it up out of nowhere."

A third student said the professor spent most of the hourlong class discussing the conspiracy theory, and he became enraged when the student laughed.

"He said, 'I see you laughing and this is not a joke,'" the student said.

Belmore has gained a reputation for offering an easy class, if students are willing to tolerate his digressions into his right-wing political views.

"It's a chill class because he goes over the quizzes with us," one student said. "It's weird though, because you have politics being spouted at you for an hour instead of being taught actual English stuff."