‘Trump is destroying conservatism’: GOP strategist blasts the president's ‘cranks and oddballs and haters’
Young Donald Trump supporters. Image via AFP.

President Donald Trump was taken to the woodshed on Saturday by a top Republican strategist.

Stuart Stevens, who claims to have helped elect GOP governors or senators in over half the nation, blasted Trump for "destroying conservativism" on the president's favorite social media platform on Saturday.

It started after Trump claimed to have accidentally watched a TV comedy show while on his golfing vacation at one of his country clubs.

"The most troubling thing here is that the man who has nuclear codes says he can’t figure out how to change channels on a television," Stevens blasted.

But he did not stop there.

"Republicans who support Trump know he is degrading office of presidency & harming America’s security. But they are willing to go along with hurting their country because they think it keeps them in power. Which is pretty much the definition of what it means not to be a patriot," he charged.

"I help elect Republican governors or Senators in over half the country. Trump is destroying conservatism by making it a nutty conspiracy theory of cranks & oddballs & haters. He’s proving that every criticism the center-left had about Republicans was true," Stevens concluded.