'Unhinged, erratic and nuts': Conservative warns Trump's 'chosen one' outburst should set off alarms
President Donald Trump paints the Mexico border as an open gate for criminals, including rapists, terrorists, people with dangerous diseases and phony asylum seekers. (AFP / Jim WATSON)

In her column for the Washington Post, conservative never-Trumper Jennifer Rubin implored Republicans to look deep down inside themselves and stop defending Donald Trump after the president bizarrely declared himself the "chosen one" while speaking to the press on Wednesday.

Under a headline, "Trump’s unhinged display should frighten everyone,"

Rubin ticked off comments made by the president in the past week since he returned from vacation including expressing a desire to buy Greenland, proposing -- then backing off -- new tax policies and calling Jews "disloyal" and wondered what it will take for people to see that the president is "nuts."

"This is nuts. I don’t mean, nuts like, 'Allowing the deficit to expand to a trillion dollars is nuts,' or 'pretending personal diplomacy with Kim Jong Un works is nuts,'" she wrote. I mean, in the non-medical sense, he is erratic, narcissistic, unhinged, unable to control his anger, illogical and forgetful."

"You say that we knew all this?" she continued. "I’d argue his ability to conceal these habits has considerably diminished and the period over which the rants has lengthened. The craziness is swallowing the moments of lucidity, and given the real potential for a recession, his incoherence carries frightening risks."

Stating, "All presidential candidates (Republican challengers and Democrats) should express grave concern about his mental and emotional fitness, as should members of Congress," Rubin suggested congressional hearings on Trump's instability with an eye on impeachment.

"Will these [hearings] compel Republicans to turn on him (e.g., join the call for resignation, vote to impeach) or convince Trump to resign?" she concluded. "In all likelihood, they won’t, but the voters deserve to know before the election (and hopefully sooner than November 2020) what is going on and the danger in retaining a mentally and emotionally unfit president. And if Trump’s conduct gets worse (as we imagine it will) and a recession or other national crisis arises, everyone will be glad that the process had begun."

You can read the whole piece here.