'What Bible are they reading?' CNN's Angela Rye drops the hammer on evangelicals who are fine with Trump's racism
CNN's Angela Rye (Screen cap).

CNN's Angela Rye on Wednesday took a shot at Trump-loving evangelicals who are supporting President Donald Trump either despite or because of his racist rhetoric.

While discussing Trump immigration official Ken Cuccinelli's attempts to rewrite the immigrant-welcoming poem on the Statue of Liberty, Rye questioned how so many self-proclaimed Christians could keep supporting a president who regularly goes against what they are taught in the Bible.

"We see all of this evangelical support for Donald Trump and I wonder what Bible are they reading?" she said. "There's nothing about Christ's words that are in alignment with the policy of limitation we see from this administration!"

CNN's Kate Bolduan then asked Rye what she made of Trump's seeming strategy of using race baiting to "energize" his base of supporters, and she replied that she was "exhausted" talking about it.

"The political question about 'energizing the base'... it is demoralizing to know that in our 400 years of being in this country, this is where we are," she said.

Watch the video below.