'A torrent of lies': CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin unleashes on Donald Trump's lie-filled press conference
CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin/Screenshot

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin isn't typically known for hyperbole, which makes his comments in the wake of President Donald Trump's press conference even more heavy.

As CNN cut away from the Q&A with the president, Toobin called out the president for spreading lies behind a presidential seal.

"I want to say a word about the press conference," Toobin began. "It was 40 minutes. And it was a torrent of lies. I mean just a torrent of lies. About Joe Biden, about Hunter Biden. About what the Democrats did regarding Ukraine. And it was a torrent of lies about the summary, what some people call the transcript of what was released today."

The so-called "transcript" released by the White House was actually a collection of notes from what people remember about the call. It was not a full transcript as was promised Tuesday.

"What was released today showed that this president, when he talked to the president of Ukraine, was not talking about the national interest," Toobin continued. "The only agenda he had for that phone call was to get information to defeat Joe Biden. That was his only agenda. And that is bad enough. But there was also the most obvious and clear evidence of a quid pro quo about the military aid that the president of Ukraine badly wanted. And what did the president say when the president of Ukraine said we want that military aid and we’re going to buy the Javelin missiles? What did he say? He said I want you to do me a favor. Do you know what that means? It means he wanted him to do him a favor. And that is a quid pro quo."

Watch the full take below: