President Donald Trump stood at the podium Wednesday and accused Democrats of the Ukraine scandal against former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

"We hate to do this really. But the president isn’t telling the truth," Wallace said, cutting into the press conference. "These allegations against Joe Biden and Hunter Biden that he’s repeating have been investigated by the Ukrainians, none other than the Wall Street Journal included in their report on Friday that the Ukrainians view this issue as having been investigated and adjudicated. What’s amazing is that what Trump appears to be trying to do is to turn his own impeachment into a big deflection."

Former Justice Department spokesman Matthew Miller agreed, saying that it's clear Trump is trying to change the story.

The panel then proceeded to have a conversation about the president's need to spread false information to cover up his own actions.

"First of all, the question on the table here is not about Joe Biden," Miller said. "It’s not about Chris Murphy or any other senators he’s talking about. It’s not about the whistleblower. It’s about his conduct and whether his conduct as president is impeachable or not."

Watch the discussion below: