'He looks like a florescent green helium balloon': CNN panel breaks into hysterics at Sean Spicer on #DWTS
CNN panel (Photo: Screen capture)

A CNN panel couldn't stop laughing as Republican Scott Jennings rushed to the side of former press secretary Sean Spicer, who debuted on "Dancing With the Stars" Monday night dressed in a bright-green ruffled shirt and dancing the Salsa.

"No way. What the Hell?" Rye asked the second she saw the video of Spicer.

"So, you’ve seen it," Lemon asked Jennings. "So, is this the guy you remember?"

But Rye, blindsided by the chartreuse, cut in.

"He looks like a fluorescent green helium balloon. What is that?" she asked of the outfit.

"I’m just waiting to get a response from Scott. Obviously he doesn’t want to respond," Lemon said.

"Reclaiming my time," Rye cracked up.

"I mean, you know, look, people have to make a living, okay?" Jennings said. "I got to sit here and fight with Angela. Sean’s got to wear a green shirt. Everybody’s got to make a living."

"Oh, my God, Scott is going to defend that too?" Rye laughed. "He looked like a highlighter. Like what is that?"

You can watch Sean Spicer's performance here.

Watch the panel crack up below: