Jerry Falwell Jr busted for lying -- repeatedly -- about Miami Beach nightclub photos
Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. (YouTube)

Jerry Falwell Jr. angrily insisted that he had never denied visiting a Miami Beach nightclub, where he was photographed partying with his wife, sons and daughter-in-law.

The Liberty University president was the subject of a Politico Magazine report based on anonymous quotes from school officials and other insiders describing his self-dealing and personal immorality, and his denials of the nightclub photographs led the the release of more photos -- and more denials.

"Just for the record, I never denied going into a club with my family to listen to music for about 30 minutes years ago," Falwell tweeted Wednesday. "I only denied I asked anyone to scrub pics of me. I never knew of any pics until a week ago DUH. LU’s lawyers and criminal authorities will go after the leakers."

Brandon Ambrosino, the Liberty graduate who wrote the Politico feature, set the record straight.

“There was no picture snapped of me at WALL nightclub or any other nightclub," Falwell told him Aug. 21, when asked about the photos. "I’m sure you already knew that though.”

Five days later, after being shown the photos, Falwell insisted that wasn't actually him at the nightclub.

“If the person in the picture is me, it was likely photo-shopped [sic],” Falwell told Ambrosino on Aug. 26.

Falwell angrily replied to a Christian Post political analyst who called out his dishonesty.

"Maybe it was photoshopped, I don’t know," Falwell replied to Napp Nazworth, of the religious publication. "But you’re missing the point: I never denied I was there 5 years ago. #FactsMatter"

The evangelical university president also replied to paleontologist and TV personality Trevor Valle, who accused him of lying about the incident.

"I never denied being there 5 years ago and I had no knowledge of any pics until a week ago," Falwell tweeted. "#FactsMatter"

The owner of the photography agency World Red Eye, which documents Miami's nightlife, stood behind the accuracy of the photos and strongly rejected Falwell's suggestion that the images had been manipulated in any way.