A conservative activist hilariously offered unsolicited advice to President Donald Trump and his response to the growing Ukraine scandal.

Sarah Longwell, head of the right-leaning Defending Democracy Together advocacy group, published a column for The Bulwark mocking the White House response to the scandal that's quickly gathering strength and threatening to take down the Trump presidency.

"Stop putting Rudy Giuliani on television," Longwell wrote. "He’s drunk. Or maybe just addled? I don’t know — but it doesn’t matter because he’s going to get you all sent to prison by reading text messages from State Department officials out loud on Laura Ingraham’s show. Go to the zoo. Find an adorable penguin. Put that little guy on instead."

She busted the GOP's chops for sending talking points by mistake to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office, but Longwell admitted those canned responses were insultingly weak.

"It’s great that you’re going on offense against Joe and Hunter Biden, that’s the right move," Longwell wrote, sarcastically. "Republicans are the anti-corruption party, right? We cannot have an elected official occupying one of the highest offices in the land while simultaneously having his children profit from his office. So maybe — just spitballing here — you should have Ivanka, Jared, Eric, and Don Jr. shut down their White House money-printing machine for a couple of months so people forget that this president is the least credible person in the world to make that argument about the Bidens."