Trump has flipped from 'bring it on' to 'desperation' as impeachment has become a reality: CNN's Avlon
CNN's John Avlon (Screen cap).

During an early morning CNN panel on Donald Trump's manic tweeting over the weekend -- including threatening a "Civil War" if he is impeached -- contributor Jon Avlon noted that the president's bravado has faded and been replaced with "desperation."

Sitting in with "New Day" host Alisyn Camerota and guest host Jim Sciuto, Avlon immediately jumped on Trump's "Civil War " tweet that outraged Democrats and Republicans's alike.

"That's the kind of language we've heard from right-wing militia types for decades," Avlon remarked. "To hear the president of the United States raise the specter of second Civil War over an impeachment proceeding is an insult to the 700,000 Americans who died during the last civil war and it's an indication of how desperate he is."

Noting the speed with which Democrats are moving forward with impeachment proceedings -- including meetings and possibly public hearing this week -- Avolon said the gravity of Trump's situation appears to be sinking in for the president and his tone has undergone a remarkable sea change.

"This is moving at a rapid pace," Avlon explained. "And it's serious and you can see the polling is also moving in the direction of an impeachment inquiry. Republicans could have set up until last week that this wasn't as popular with the American people, now a majority of people support it. The hearing are going to move forward this week, some in private, some in public."

"So this is real deal stuff and the president's tone has gone from being 'bring it on' to a real sense of desperation that he doesn't want to be part of this club," he concluded.

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