Trump octuples down on hurricane trutherism with another deranged tweet: 'Four days of corrupt reporting!'
President Donald Trump yells at Fox News' John Roberts (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump simply cannot let his false claims about Hurricane Dorian go.

In an angry Friday morning tweet, the president octupled down on his bogus claim that the hurricane was on track to slam into Alabama as recently as this past Sunday.

"The Fake News Media was fixated on the fact that I properly said, at the beginnings of Hurricane Dorian, that in addition to Florida & other states, Alabama may also be grazed or hit," the president wrote. "They went Crazy, hoping against hope that I made a mistake (which I didn’t)."

The president then proceeded to accuse media outlets who accurately reported on his incorrect statements of being "corrupt."

"This nonsense has never happened to another President," the president complained. "Four days of corrupt reporting, still without an apology."

CNN's Daniel Dale and Brandon Miller have written a thorough fact check showing that the president's claims are simply false.

Among other things, the president didn't merely say that Alabama "may also be grazed or hit" on Sunday -- rather, he wrote that "Alabama will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated."

Additionally, weather forecasts at that time definitively showed that the hurricane was not headed toward the Gulf Coast and was instead headed up the eastern seaboard.

"But current NOAA forecasts at the time of Trump's tweet showed the storm not impacting the state at all, since it was moving north instead of west," Dale and Miller note.

Read CNN's entire debunking of the president's false claims on Hurricane Dorian at this link.