Trump's foreign policy is 'failing everywhere' and 'in shambles' no matter who he fires or replaces: Jeffrey Toobin
CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin (Screen cap).

On Tuesday, CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin weighed in on President Donald Trump's decision to fire National Security Adviser John Bolton, with whom he had quarreled bitterly for months.

As Toobin noted, the dismissal is unlikely to change Trump's foreign policy much — because Trump's foreign policy is chaos.

"Isn't the real issue — the cast of characters has changed, but isn't the real issue that the foreign policy is failing everywhere?" said Toobin. "In North Korea, Kim Jong-Un is shooting off missiles all the time. In Iran, we had a treaty in place to stop nuclear weapons development. Weapons development has started again. Our NATO allies can't stand us anymore because all we ever do is harass them about their defense spending. That seems to me what matters."

"Who's occupying what office, that's a fascinating 'inside Washington' story," said Toobin. "But American foreign policy is in shambles, and that seems to me the more important aspect of this."

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