Bill Barr blasted as 'another nutty lawyer like Giuliani' doing Trump's bidding by MSNBC guest
AG William Barr testifies before Congress. (Image via AFP/Nicholas Kamm.)

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday morning, the president of the Brennan Center for Justice leveled Attorney General Bill Barr by comparing him to the much-ridiculed Rudy Giuliani, adding that he is solely in his position to do President Donald Trump's bidding.

Speaking with host David Gura, Michael Waldman lashed out at Barr for launching an investigation of the Justice Department officials involved in looking into Trump's links to Russia.

"Until we know more, this has the stench of an outrageous abuse of power in my view," Waldman began. "It's straight from the authoritarian playbook. The president demanding that the organs of criminal investigation be directed at people he perceives to be his political enemies and, in this case, to try to absolve Russia from having tried to hack the election in 2016."

"It's a big deal and while I don't know much about the gentleman who is the prosecutor in Connecticut who is doing this, I do know that Bill Barr has taken the office of attorney general to new lows in terms of his willingness to run interference for Trump as though he is another nutty lawyer like Rudy Giuliani, as opposed to an independent voice for law enforcement."

"This is the person who ran rings, I hate to say, around [special counsel] Robert Mueller, another respectable prosecutor, FBI-type, by playing it loose and making up what the report said and pre-spinning it," he added. "It's very alarming. Maybe there's something there, but there's certainly no reason to think it's anything other than a real problem for our country."

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