Bromance between 'frantic' Lindsey Graham and 'annoyed' Donald Trump collapses as the Kurds get slaughtered: CNN
Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump -- CNN screenshots

The growing rift between Donald Trump and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was documented on CNN on Thursday morning with contributor Dana Bash explaining that a "frantic" Graham is now at loggerheads with an equally "annoyed" president.

Sharing a montage of clips showing Trump and Graham taking shots at each other over the Syria debacle that has resulted in one of Trump's biggest defenders quickly flipping to being one of his harshest critics, Bash explained, "Listening to that, it's hard to believe that Graham is one of Trump's most loyal allies."

With Graham on record stating, "It's not about me and him, it's about the country," Bash begged to differ.

"Yet it is about the two of them," she remarked. "Being close to Trump helps Graham who is up for re-election in South Carolina where the president has so much support it's called 'Trumpistan'."

"Trump treasures Graham as a golf buddy, navigator of the ways of Washington. But now we know that Graham's influence, that tends to curb the president's isolationist world-view, has limits," she continued before sharing yet another clip of Trump bashing and misrepresenting the South Carolina lawmaker on the Middle East.

"That right there is the fundamental difference between the two of them that has not been bridged," she said before adding, "Graham has been always been in candid in saying staying close to the president keeps him relevant, but keeping the president from making what even Graham calls 'an impulsive decision' we now see are two very different things."

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