‘Classic Trump’: Ex-prosecutor reveals why we know Rudy Giuliani is being thrown under the bus
President Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani

President Donald Trump is likely throwing Rudy Giuliani under the bus, a former federal prosecutor explained on MSNBC on Friday.

"The Beat" anchor Ari Melber interviewed former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance about new comments from Trump distancing himself from Giuliani.

"One more point to Joyce, that is we are here on a day when the president of the United States is now claiming that maybe his lawyer isn’t his lawyer," Melber noted.

Melber said "the echos are eery" of how Trump distanced himself from Michael Cohen, who used to be Trump's personal attorney, but is now serving time in a federal prison.

The host played a split-screen showing Trump saying, "you'll have to ask Michael" in 2018 and "you would'd have to ask Rudy" today.

"Is it a bad sign when President Trump starts to say you have to ask the attorney and maybe that’s not his attorney any more for that attorney?" Melber asked.

"Trump always has tells. We know that when he says a man came up to me and said, 'sir,' we’re about to hear something that’s not true," Vance replied.

"Here we see the classic Trump throwing someone close to him under the bus," she explained.

"I hope now he will take advantage -- if it is true he is under investigation -- of the opportunity maybe to achieve some sort of renewed good faith with the American people by coming forward and telling the truth," Vance added.