Dershowitz files countersuit against Epstein victim after judge rules she can sue him for defamation
Alan Dershowitz appears on ABC (screen grab)

According to Page Six, retired Harvard Law professor and celebrity defense attorney Alan Dershowitz is preparing to countersue Virginia Guiffre, who filed a defamation suit against Dershowitz alleging that she was passed around to him by billionaire wealth manager Jeffrey Epstein while being kept as a "sex slave."

This move comes after a judge ruled that the original defamation suit can move forward.

Dershowitz has denied all allegations from Guiffre, arguing that evidence proves he did not even know the people that Guiffre is alleging are witnesses at the time.

Epstein, who long evaded accountability for his alleged sex crimes due to a controversial plea bargain, was arrested earlier this year on charges of child trafficking. He committed suicide in his jail cell at Manhattan Correctional Center in August.