Donald Trump Jr. tells Fox News he wishes his dad was famous so he could score millions
First son Donald Trump, Jr. (screengrab)

President Donald Trump's son and namesake made a statement void of self-reflection, said Media Matters' Jason Campbell on Twitter Wednesday.

Don Jr. appeared on Fox News to continue to spin the conspiracy theory that ultimately ended in another scandal for his father. While bashing the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, the younger Trump claimed he wished his dad was a famous president so he could score millions of dollars.

"I wish my name was Hunter Biden. I could go abroad, make millions off of my father's presidency. I'd be a really rich guy," Don Jr. said.

The comment is laughable given the number of lawsuits the Trump family is facing for profiting off of the presidency despite the Emoluments Clause in the U.S. Constitution.

Trump Jr. took over a lot of the daily work of the Trump Organization and has traveled all over the world using his father's name and international relationships to score major cash. In fact, just since Trump's presidency, spending at his properties by political groups has ballooned to over $20 million.

Just this week, it was reported Trump is tripling the room price for a Republican event planned at his DC hotel.

Trump Jr. does not have a job outside of his father's work.

Watch the video below: