Entire staff in Trump's chaotic White House 'on thin ice': NYT's Haberman
Maggie Haberman -- CNN screenshot

Appearing on CNN's "New Day," New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman addressed Donald Trump's threat to "terminate" the Times and revealed that White House aides are under the gun as the president's impeachment grows nearer.

Speaking with hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota, Haberman a was asked about Trump's Monday threat to terminate the New York Times -- believed to mean the White House would be canceling its subscription -- and deadpanned that the venerable newspaper would probably survive the economic hit.

Host Camerota then asked about the status of embattled acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney who suffered a rough week after a disastrous press conference appearance and an equally disastrous Fox News interview.

"Where are we this morning on the Mick Mulvaney as chief of staff watch," Camerota asked. "And where does he fit into what you describe as an increasingly smaller and smaller circle of trust?"

"Look, he's in that circle of trust, although I don't think he's quite as high as he had been," Haberman relayed. " I think that the president, as we all have heard, was not particularly pleased with the last several days of his performance. Mick Mulvaney is safe at least through the impeachment inquiry, according to everyone I talk to. I think they recognize that right now is not the time to make a change, and frankly, even if they did make a change, they don't have a great candidate at the ready."

"It's worth remembering we talk about Mulvaney is on thin ice," she continued. " But I had one White House aide say to me yesterday 'we're all always on thin ice'."

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