Justice Dept. issues terse 'decline to comment' over possible criminal investigation of Giuliani: MSNBC correspondent
The president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, pictured in July 2018, suggested Cohen was lying. (AFP/File / SAUL LOEB)

Appearing with host Alex Witt on Sunday afternoon, MSNBC National Security and Justice Reporter Julia Ainsley was asked about Donald Trump's Ukraine scandal that appears to be consuming his entire cabinet and noted that one non-cabinet member might be in big trouble.

"I mean looking at the text messages, it obviously opens up a wider universe of people who knew that the president was putting pressure on Ukraine to investigate the Bidens and they are already bringing up the questions that we're having now, months later, about whether or not this should be an exchange for military funding," Ainsley began. "And then you get to that key piece of the text message where they decide to take it off of  text and on to the phone."

"Reporters do that all the time to move to a place off the record where their notes wouldn't be subpoenaed if it came to it," she explained. "So the people involved in that obviously had knowledge and the whistleblower really laid out a roadmap of a lot of names."

"But the more I talked to people within the Justice Department or the FBI and that community, the more the name Rudy Giuliani keeps coming up," she added. "The Justice Department is still not ruling out an investigation into Giuliani. They say the case is closed in terms of their review in terms of whether the president committed a campaign violation just based on the notes of that call. But  pressed repeatedly, 'could Rudy Giuliani also be facing an investigation and legal pressures' and I get a 'decline to comment' and I think that it is something that could still be rolling out."

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