MSNBC panel slams NYT for running a sketchy anti-Biden column after being burned by same author
Joy Reid, Eric Boehlert -- screenshot

A conversation on MSNBC's "AM Joy" over the departure of Shep Smith from Fox News, turned to the New York Times after the venerable paper of record was criticized for running a misleading column on Joe Biden's family from a journalist with a sketchy past.

According to MSNBC guest Eric Boehlert, "It is such an important institution like the New York Times not learning any lessons from 2016. I mean Peter Schweizer wrote this basically fictitious hit book on Hillary Clinton in the New York Times, marketing it was the most important book of the campaign."

"Every news organization pointed out that book was riddled with errors, the New York Times had an exclusive with that book and forgot to tell its readers it was riddled with errors," he continued. "And now here we are in 2019, and lo and behold, you open the New York Times and there is Peter Schweizer writing an op-ed about everything the Biden family did wrong in the name of corruption and wrote an entire column of the family allegedly cashing in and politicians, their family's political roots, and the word Trump is never mentioned in the column and his kids were never mentioned."

"The Times is not going to learn any lesson from 2016," he lamented.

Watch below: