MSNBC's Morning Joe brutally shames 'criminal' Mike Pompeo: 'He's acting like a common thug'
Joe Scarborough and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough strongly condemned Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for repeatedly lying about his involvement in President Donald Trump's efforts to enlist foreign governments to investigate his political rivals.

The secretary of state undercut claims made by an intelligence committee whistleblower before it was revealed he took part in Trump's call to the Ukrainian president, and the "Morning Joe" host blasted Pompeo for thumbing his nose at congressional oversight of his department.

"That guy went to West Point," Scarborough said. "What a thug, he's acting like a common thug. He's lying about our country. He was in on a call that he knows crossed every line of propriety. He was taught that at West Point, and he's behaving like a thug, now he's behaving like a thug in trying to basically tell Congress that he can do whatever he wants to do and not to reach out to anybody at the State Department."

"It's as if he's adopted Donald Trump's view of the Constitution, that the Second Amendment gives the executive branch unlimited power," he added.

Scarborough blasted the secretary of state as lawless, and he said the military veteran and public servant should be ashamed of his own debasement.

"Let me say it again, this guy went to West Point," Scarborough said. "He knows better, and he's acting like a common criminal. He's acting like a thug. He's lying through his teeth, he's shaming himself. He's shaming State Department employees, and he's shaming the United States of America. He has no excuse."