Republican says it was okay for Trump to extort Ukraine over Biden — because he's not a political opponent
Image via CNN.

On Monday's edition of CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time," Chris Cuomo invited on Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) to discuss the Ukraine scandal, starting with the testimony of Ukraine envoy Bill Taylor — and as usual, the exchange devolved into Mullin babbling ludicrous defenses of President Donald Trump.

"If this man what he is saying is deemed true, heard the call, saying investigate Biden — investigating one Biden is relevant to investigating all Bidens — and saying, I don't think you should investigate these things, with the president with a quid pro quo, not that you need one, what would you think then?"

"You do need treason, bribery, high crime or misdemeanor and that has not happened," said Mullin. (In reality, high crimes and misdemeanors is a broad phrase dating back to English common law that covers basically any kind of official misconduct.)

"If he asks a foreign power to investigate for a political advantage, it's an excuse," said Cuomo.

"He makes very unconventional decisions, but we hired a businessman to run the United States," shot back Mullin. "That's what the American people decided to do in 2016."

"I have no problem with the election, I have no problem with the Democrats not getting over it, I'm asking you a question," said Cuomo impatiently. "Here's what I'm saying, Congressman. You are not supposed to ask a foreign power to investigate a political opponent. Do we agree?"

"Biden isn't a political opponent. He hasn't been elected," said Mullin. "I would say that's probably kosher. You shouldn't. I'm not saying it's illegal. I'm not saying it's illegal to do so."

"The founding fathers went out of their way, and it is illegal because you have laws designed off their intention to keep foreign powers out," said Cuomo. "Let me give you a hint as somebody who wishes you well. Don't ask a foreign power to look into your next opponent, Congressman. You're going to be in legal jeopardy."

"I completely agree with that and that is not what happened here," said Mullin. "President Trump did not ask them to look into a political opponent, asked them to look into Hunter Biden's—"

"That's not what he said in the transcript. He said Biden and his son," said Cuomo. "Why do you think this president cared about Joe Biden's son? Because of how it's connected to Joe Biden."

"You have a seated vice president's son who had no relationship with Ukraine setting on a board of an oligarch who is a known — he's paid $83,000 a month," whined Mullin.

"And all of a sudden [Trump] cares, right?" said Cuomo sarcastically. "It must really disgust him, not so much that he won't have his daughter work for the U.S. government while she cuts trade deals for her company. That doesn't bother him."

"You always go to Ivanka," complained Mullin.

"Because it's such a hypocrisy," shot back Cuomo.

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