Even as prominent Republicans are starting to signal that Trump's latest scandal is too much to justify their continued support, the President's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani maintains his loyalty.

Writing in New York magazine, columnist Jonathan Chait suggests why this might be based on a Wall Street Journal report. The report contained shocking details.

"Mr. Giuliani has known the president for decades, but bolstered his standing with Mr. Trump with his loyal support of his campaign in 2016," the WSJ wrote. "Mr. Trump didn’t always return the favor. He often needled the former mayor for falling asleep on long flights, and joked about whether Mr. Giuliani was looking at cartoons on his iPad, a former aide said.

Mr. Trump also berated Mr. Giuliani in front of others at the wedding of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in 2017," the report adds.

"The president complained that Mr. Giuliani was spitting while he was talking and ordered him to stand elsewhere," according to an aide interviewed by reporters.

"Trump’s method of leadership typically involves demanding absolute fealty of his aides and then mocking them for the sycophancy," Chait writes.

"He has used this style to humiliate such figures as Michael Cohen and Chris Christie, and he surely has derived particular joy from transforming a former national hero, who was once so admired for his alpha-male persona that he could write a book titled Leadership, into his lickspittle."

He does not predict good developments for Giuliani and others who continue to support the president.

"Nobody is going to escape this administration with their dignity intact," he writes. "It’s gratifying that even though he was denied a position in its Cabinet, Giuliani will be one of its most prominent victims anyway," he continues.

"As Irin Carmon has theorized, all of us have at least some small part inside that likes Trump, because he sometimes turns his horrible bullying on the other horrible people who are attracted to him."