Rudy Giuliani may have admitted to yet another crime. According to Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin, the packet of documents the former New York City mayor crafted and handed over to the State Department falsified that they were official White House documents.

"Rudy admits to CNN he passed the packet of Ukraine conspiracy theories and attacks on a U.S. ambassador to Pompeo," Rogin tweeted Wednesday.

"They (the State Department) told me they would investigate it," Giuliani confessed.

"By the way, Rudy is admitting to manufacturing White House logos and sticking them on non-White House documents and pushing the real government to act on them," Rogin explained.

Former director of ethics, Walter Shaub asked if Rogin was "inferring" from Giuliani that he was the one responsible for the packet or if he was saying he sat down and drew "White House" in the upper corner.

Rogin clarified that Giuliani confessed to giving the packet of documents to Secretary Mike Pompeo.

"I don’t know who exactly worked the photoshop, but the president's lawyer gave it the Secretary of State and this was not an official WH document," Rogin said.

States have their own document forgery laws, but here are the federal laws that outline document fraud.