The View's Abby Huntsman hilariously predicts how Trump will turn on Giuliani
Abby Huntsman (ABC)

"The View" co-host Abby Huntsman told Rudy Giuliani to watch out for the bus that President Donald Trump is going to be throwing him under.

Two of the president's personal lawyer's foreign associates were arrested Wednesday on conspiracy charges related to Giuliani's efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, and Huntsman said he's in big trouble.

"I think it's pretty bad for Giuliani," Huntsman said. "I don't know how you're sleeping well at night right now if you're him."

Huntsman said the president's attorney had made a fatal mistake by trusting his client.

"The biggest mistake that he made is assuming that President Trump is loyal, because the minute that he makes Trump look bad, he is going to be tossed right to the curb," she said. "Look how many people -- (Paul) Manafort, Michael Cohen. I can hear the president saying, 'I barely knew the guy, he went on television for me."