Trump's plan to fire 'witnesses' at NSC is going to blow up in his face: 'They can still file whistleblower complaints'
Samantha Vinograd -- CNN screen capture

Appearing on CNN on Friday afternoon, a former adviser to the National Security Council said that Donald Trump's plan to gut the NSC and fill it with political appointees will likely blow up in his face by possibly creating more whistleblowers.

Speaking with host Boris Sanchez, Sam Vinograd explained that the White House wants to gut the NSC.

With host Sanchez pointing out, "The National Security Adviser, Robert O'Brien recently announced he would be stripping the NSC staff by half and installing political appointees," Vinograd claimed the White House's motives were obvious.

"It looks like they're trying to get rid of witnesses to a crime," she explained before warning, "They can still file whistleblower complaints, and if they're fired, guess what? They can still testify before Congress -- it's a poor legal strategy. "

"But the politicization of the NSC is deeply jarring to me," she added. "I was a career civil servant, served regardless of who the president was. and the reason the NSC is staffed with career officials is because they have actual expertise and years of experience with departments and agency, regardless, again, of who's president."

"There is a disconcerting trend which is that the political appointees run a shadow process driven by the president's personal interests and not national security ones," she suggested. "To me, this looks like the president is trying to make the NSC into a campaign surrogate and campaign arm rather than using them to advance U.S.national security."

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