‘You’d have to ask Rudy’: Trump echoes line he gave regarding Michael Cohen -- and Cohen ended up in jail

While being peppered with questions from reporters this Thursday over the arrests of two associates of his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, President Trump gave the same line he did when he was enveloped in the scandal over hush money payments to Stormy Daniels last year.

"I don't know those gentlemen," Trump said on Thursday. "Now, it's possible I have a picture with them, because I have a picture with everybody."

"Maybe they were clients of Rudy," he added. "You'd have to ask Rudy."

As the clip began to circulate, some Twitter users immediately pointed out that Trump's response echoed comments he made back in 2018 as the Stormy Daniels scandal erupted, where he referred questions about the alleged hush money payments to Daniels to his then-personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.


"You'll have to ask Michael Cohen," Trump said in a now infamous clip from Air Force One.

Cohen is now serving 3 years in a federal prison.